3 Simple Steps For High Flyers to Sleep Better

The Dalai Lama was once quoted as saying: “Sleep is the best medicine”.

Though sleep is the least expensive medicine, this can be costly to many people or even priceless especially for people who are facing insomnia or sleep deprivation.

1. Knowing that Sleep Is Important

Sleep is an action that everyone needs to take in order to allow our body to rest, repair and restore. When we are not getting enough sleep, our body will react to it  – you will always feel hungry, you will gain weight, you will have a short memory,  you will pay less attention to what is going on during the daytime, you will tend to have mood swings, your skin will not look good,  you have impaired the  body’s recovery time,  you will tend to get sick easily, have trouble seeing, experience a decrease in collagen levels which results in more wrinkles and many other.

However, if the sleep problem is prolonged, it will cause chronic diseases like heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes and many others. This may actually cause further anxiety and prevent them from having a good quality of sleep. Therefore, sleep is primary care for a healthy body.

2. Develop The Ability to Sleep Well

While we may know that sleep is essential for good health, there may still be people will face the same risks mentioned as they feel lethargic when they wake up. The reason is simple, the key to good health is not the ability to sleep – the key is the ability to sleep well. Imagine, how frustrating it is when they are spending hours sleeping but they are not rested due to the poor quality of sleep. In most cases, this happens because the body seems to be sleeping but the mind is still active from the previous days’ events or dreams and nightmares.


3. Find Out Your Sleeping Challenge

Sleep is an action, which requires the cooperation between the brain and body. To have the quality of sleep, these two parts of our body need to work together. Somehow, they don’t cooperate and as a result, it disrupts rest. What is the real cause? The answer, more often than not, is STRESS! Stress can be due to many factors such as emotions, work deadlines, financial constraints, and strained relationships, among others.   

Above are the common steps to guide high flyers to sleep better. If you still find sleeping is still challenging, I invite you to book a session with us to discover how Seifu Therapy can help you get better rest.


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