10 Signs You Should Invest In Sleep

Our physical and mental health can be adversely affected by our lack of sleep. The number of hours of sleep per day can alter our body function and mindset, stress levels, and even the immune system and heart condition. When we are deprived of sleep we can damage our health. It is when we sleep that the body heals itself, repairs and rejuvenates. Sleep also enables your mind to review the happenings of the day.

To stay healthy and alert, we must not be deprived of sleep. Most adults need 7 hours of sleep every night.  The right amount of sleep will keep you healthy and active physically and mentally. Tossing and turning during night sleep is a sure indication of lack of sleep.

Here are 10 tell-tale signs that indicate that you are deprived of sleep:

1. You need an alarm clock to wake up

When you cannot wake up without the alarm clock ringing in your ear, you know for sure that you are deprived of sleep.


2. You sleep longer and better on weekends

If your hours of sleep on weekends are much longer than weekdays, you know that your body needs more hours of sleep.

3. You find it difficult to get out of bed every morning

When you drag yourself grudgingly out of your bed in the morning, this is a sure sign that you lack sleep.

4. You feel tired during the day

If you feel exhausted during the day for no rhyme or reason, you have to start paying attention to the hours of sleep you get every night.


5. You have puffy eyes in the morning

When you see a tired person staring back at you in the mirror with eye bags and dark circles around the eyes, it is a sure indication that you lack sleep.   

6. You doze off in a public place

If you feel your eyes are heavy during the day and you nod off during a meeting or while watching a movie at the cinema, you are certainly not getting enough of sleep.

7. You get drowsy while driving

It is extremely dangerous if you find yourself getting drowsy behind the wheel of your car. It clearly means you are in desperate need of more hours of sleep.

8. You have trouble concentrating

When your mind wanders and you find it difficult to concentrate, it is time to reschedule your sleeping hours.

9. You have early morning headaches

If you wake up with a headache, it may be an indication that you need more hours of sleep.    

However, if you have been experiencing headaches very long term, it may be a sign of other issues. Make a visit to Tricia of Just Seifu for a session for Pain Relief.

10. You are stressed during the day

When you find yourself being anxious and stressed during the day, it is likely that you need more sleeping hours.

If you notice any of these indicators during the day, you may be deprived of night time sleep. Make an attempt to increase your sleep time at night. When these signs disappear you know you are getting the right amount of sleep. This could take a little longer to have any effect. However if these signs persist it may be advisable to consult with your medical practitioner as you may have a more serious sleep problem that needs medical attention.

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