10 More Myths About Sleep

You may have read the first 10 Myths About Sleep. Here is 10 more.

11. Energy drinks give you wings

Energy drinks are gaining in popularity these days with 100’s of these beverages in the market, with claims to overcome drowsiness and loss of energy. But most often these drinks contain two stimulant elements, sugar as well as caffeine. Although scientists have indicated that specific energy drinks can enhance the mind and body, they feel the result may be the same as drinking coffee.

12. Overcome drowsiness with music and cold air on your face

A common belief is that if you wind down your side screen and turn up the music, you will overcome drowsiness. Scientists have reported that drowsiness can be overcome with cold air blowing on your face, but this may probably be for about 15 minutes. Effective methods to overcome drowsiness while driving include napping before driving and consuming coffee.

13. Yawning indicates your fatigue

The phenomenon of yawning remains a mystery in spite of continued scientific studies. One theory indicates that yawning may be due to the low levels of oxygen in the lungs, but this was refuted after observations of fetal yawning without the presence of oxygen in the womb. Another interesting theory of yawning is how transmittable it is. Studies have shown that yawning can activate an infectious response among 60% of people at any one time. It could even have an effect on dogs! An experiment recently indicated that yawning could be an effort to calm the brain.

14. Drinking a glass of warm milk before bed

arm milk is believed to help you fall asleep as it contains an important amino acid that produces serotonin, essential for good sleep. However, studies show milk on its own may not get this result. However, if you consumed food rich in carbohydrates it will help you produce insulin which is essential in order for amino acids to induce sleep.

16. Exercising before bedtime helps you sleep

Habitual exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. We know that when we exert ourselves physically it will make us feel fatigued and drowsy. Many believe that being involved in physical exercise will result in having a good sleep.

The current literature on the consequences of exercise on sleep is limited and contradictory. One view was that sleep time decreased when participants exercised more. Others felt that the quality of sleep did not vary on exercise and non-exercise days.

Many people are not sure whether to exercise in the morning, afternoon or evening. It is more important to know that exercise is good for your body and your mind. But if you think it hinders your sleep routine, consult with a health specialist or try altering your routine and see if there is any progress to your sleeping pattern.

15. Treating sleep disorders is difficult

There are many reasons that lead to sleep disorders. This can be due to physiological and emotional issues and can carry on over a couple of nights or for years. When deprived of sleep a person can be weakened by it and many who suffer from it will not have the energy or the inclination to solve their problems. They will often opt for sleeping pills to help them sleep at night.  Sleep specialists are promoting drugless treatments as better solutions in the long run to treat insomnia. Having healthy sleeping habits is a good start to reducing your challenges.

18. Natural sleep aids are risk-free

A popular choice is sleep remedies made from herbs compared to prescribed sleeping pills. But a natural product also has health challenges. For example, in ancient Greece valerian root was used as a sedative, but excessive doses could make you dizzy and lethargic. Kava kava, a natural traditional medicinal sleep aid from the Pacific reported incidents of liver and kidney failure.

17. When you count sheep you fall asleep

It is believed that counting sheep will help you to fall asleep. However, when studies were conducted at Oxford University, they found contradicting results. Participants were told to imagine various situations before they went to sleep. The participants, who visualized counting of sheep took longer to fall asleep than those who relaxed by the beach. The study showed that counting sheep was repetitive and boring which led to different thought patterns making it more difficult to relax and gradually fall asleep.

19. Sleep aids sold over the counter are harmless

Sleeping pills that are sold over the counter are considered safer than prescription drugs. In general, the complications are less as they contain less active ingredients. Though many also contain powerful agents, if taken excessively, could have the same effect as prescription drugs. OTC medications should be taken for a short period to avoid habitual consumption and drug intolerance.

20. Sleeping a few hours keeps you slim

It is a misconception to think that you will have a more active lifestyle if you have fewer hours of sleep, and mean burning more calories to stay fit and trim. However recent studies show that reducing your hours of sleep can actually have a conflicting consequence, and increase your probability of gaining weight and lead to obesity.        

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